Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Power of Sound: Bringing “Monsters” to Life

Imagine watching “Star Wars” without John William’s epic film score playing throughout.  It would lose much of its impact.  The music sets the tone for the entire film, creating an ever-present sonic canvass that conveys the emotional intent behind every scene, and adds dimension to the world.  It tells us […]

“The Chime” Creates Music from Urban Sounds

Marc De Pape’s electronic musical instrument, The Chime, responds in real time to its urban surroundings, turning the bustling noise of the city into beautiful music.  The Chime pays close attention to what we usually ignore or block out in our city environment: the murmur of crowds, car horns, the steady hum […]

Museum of Making Music, Free Admission on June 22!

“The interaction of people, instruments, and imagination makes music” Carlsbad’s Museum of Making Music will be offering free admission this Saturday, June 22, from 2-5 pm. If you haven’t been to this museum yet, you should definitely check it out!  The museum features an interactive hands-on walk-through of the history of […]