What We Offer

Private Music Lessons

Muse Academy of Music offers private lessons, in which you will receive one-on-one instruction with one of our talented faculty members.  Lessons take place weekly at the same time and day each week for either thirty, forty-five, or sixty minutes, depending on age and experience.  We usually recommend that students between the ages of 5 and 7 begin with lessons in piano or a stringed instrument, such as violin or cello.  A student aged seven or older could take lessons in guitar, drums, voice or most wind instruments, such as saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, etc.  We encourage students to study all styles of music, especially styles that most appeal to the student, from Classical to Jazz, or Rock to Broadway.

We can also consult with you to offer a custom music lesson plan for you or your child!

Group Classes

Group classes are offered on a bi-weekly basis as a supplement to the student’s private instruction.  These classes provide a great opportunity for students to socialize and perform for each other.  When students work together, they are able to learn from each other in new and interesting ways.  In addition, students are able to reinforce what they have learned in private lessons and experience fun and exciting performance opportunities.

 Classes offered include group strings, group winds, group voice, and a theory/ear training supplement.  All classes are grouped according to ability and are offered pending sufficient enrollment.


Every year, Muse Academy of Music hosts two recitals to showcase the progress our students have made throughout the year.  Students may perform solos, in small groups, or even a duet with their instructor.  Recitals are a great way to build confidence in your playing and show your family and friends what you’ve learned!

Badge Program

Muse Academy offers a motivating Badge Program to help inspire and engage students.  Students can earn badges and increase their “Muse Level” by completing fun and exciting new projects, such as composing their own pieces, performing in our yearly Performance Evaluations, or attending live concerts.  Our hope is that these activities will engage, inspire, and motivate students to go above and beyond and get the most out of our program.

Muse Levels

Students are each assigned a Muse Level when they join us at Muse Academy.  Beginning students all start at Level 1.  As students make progress and achieve artistic milestones, they will “level-up” their Muse.  There are nine Muse Levels, each represented by a different color.  Once certain criteria are met, a student will advance to the next Muse Level.


Students who would like to try to “level-up” can sign up for an evaluation.  Evaluations take place each December or May. Your teacher will help you prepare for your evaluation, which will be a brief demonstration of what you’ve learned.

 Remember, evaluations and Muse Levels are not meant to instigate competition between students, but rather are meant to motivate students to become more engaged with and excited about music.

 Project Badges

Project Badges are designed to inspire students to undertake their own creative projects.  Badges are awarded for a variety of creative undertakings such as writing a short piece, performing in a recital, making a recording, or writing about a favorite song. Students may also create their own project with the guidance of their teacher, and will earn badges for approved project ideas.  Badges are awarded for projects that are at a level consistent with the student’s current Muse Level.

 Commitment Badges:

Students also earn badges for a variety of accomplishments designed to encourage beneficial habits and develop an individual commitment to one’s own learning.  These badges include:

  • Practice Badges – Practice for 50 or 100 days in a row
  • Attendance Badges – Perfect attendance for 6 months or 1 year
  • Academy Badge – Earned following each year completed at Muse Academy

Practice Club Party!

Students can also participate in the Muse Academy of Music Practice Club.  The club, monitored by our faculty members, is a great motivation for students to keep up with their at-home practice.  Your teacher will assign a certain length of practice for each student’s age and experience.  The objective of the club is to reach this practice goal for 100 days in a row.  All students who reach this accomplishment will be inducted into the Practice Club and will be invited to attend our Annual Practice Club Party!