Muse Academy Badge Program

The Badge Program is the heart of Muse Academy’s progress evaluation system.  The program is designed to motivate and inspire the student by helping him or her set, pursue, and achieve his or her own creative goals.

Muse Levels

Students are each assigned a Muse Level when they join us at Muse Academy.  Beginning students all start at Level 1.  As students make progress and achieve artistic milestones, they will “level-up” their Muse.  There are nine Muse Levels, each represented by a different color.  Once certain criteria are met, a student will advance to the next Muse Level.


In order to “level-up,” a student must have first received at least two project badges and one commitment badge at his or her current level.  Then, if a student wants to try to level-up, they can sign up for an evaluation, which will consist of a brief performance.  If the student meets the advancement criteria,  he or she will be awarded a certificate and advanced to the next Muse Level.

Project Badges

Project Badges are designed to inspire students to undertake their own creative projects.  Badges are awarded for a variety of creative undertakings such as writing a piece, performing in a recital, producing a recording, or writing about a favorite piece. Students may also create their own project with the guidance of their teacher, and will earn badges for approved project ideas.  Students will receive badges for the completion of projects that are at a level consistent with their current Muse Level.  The student’s current Muse Level will determine the color of all badges earned at that level.

Here are some project ideas to get you started!

Commitment Badges:

Students also earn badges for a variety of accomplishments designed to encourage beneficial habits and develop an individual commitment to one’s own learning.  These badges include:

Practice Badges

  • 50 Days
  • 100 Days – And get invited to the 100 Days Practice Club Party!

Attendance Badges

Perfect attendance for:

  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year

Academy Badges

Earned following each year completed at Muse Academy