Apps for Music Lessons

Here are some great apps to download that may prove useful for your music lessons:

forScore music reader for iPad.  Go paperless with this great music reader for iPad, complete with hands-free page turning, annotation and practice tools, cloud sync, audio playback and in-app store front.  Your music lessons and practicing will never be the same!

Tunable for iPhone, iPad and Android.  A fresh redesign of the typical tuner, this smartphone tuner traces your pitch visually over time, and even compensates for vibrato.  It also includes a great metronome function with subdivision capability, and supports in-app audio recording.  No need to carry a separate tuner to your lessons anymore! See it action below:

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony for iPad.  An interactive exploration of the great final symphony of Ludwig Van Beethoven.  The famous “Ode to Joy” comes to life on your iPad with rich video content of 4 different legendary recordings that you can seamlessly switch between in real time as the music plays.  Follow along with the synchronized score, original manuscript, or orchestral beat map.  Real-time expert commentary and a written history of the work make this a very rich educational tool for all music students and teachers.

Also check out The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot for iPad by the same makers.  Not music related, but great for poetry lovers!